Founded in faith, driven by purpose.

It’s who we are, and it’s how we do business. We want to positively impact the lives of our drivers, employees, customers, and everyone we interact with. This commitment stems from and would not be possible without our values:

  • We engage honestly
  • We do the right thing
  • We strive to be people of character
  • We give it our best
  • We give back

As our leadership, drivers, and employees root themselves in this foundation (what we refer to as “owning it”), it creates a culture that spills into every interaction. It’s the reason we take care of our people and why our people take care of our customers.

We Take Care of our People

Our founder, Alden Nussbaum, used to say that “if you take care of your people, the rest will take care of itself.” Let’s hear directly from the people of Nussbaum on how they’ve been impacted:

“Being immersed in the culture at Nussbaum creates a unique will to do better – to work more intentionally, to speak kinder to others, and to seek out joyful experiences.” – Jeni, Account Manager

“The people here at Nussbaum go to work for you. We’re family – not just a number or somebody who drives a truck.” – Gordon, Driver

“People feel safe here. They like spending time here and doing life together. I feel empowered to try new things and take risks.” – Kyle, Marketing Specialist  

“On a personal level, Nussbaum has helped me become debt-free. With consistent pay and increases in pay, I’ve been able to dig myself out of a hole and enjoy life along the way.” – Mike, Driver 

Our People Take Care of our Customers

Happy, fulfilled employee owners feel the energy and drive to take care of our customers, extending a positive impact beyond the walls of Nussbaum. Let’s hear directly from a few customers about their interactions with Nussbaum:

“Their service is unmatched. Nussbaum delivers loads on time at a higher percentage than any other carrier in our network.” – Equipment Manufacturer

“They [Nussbaum drivers] are always so pleasant and a joy to speak with. Even if just briefly, I’ve genuinely never had a negative experience with a Nussbaum driver over the nine years we’ve been working together. Breath of fresh air.” – Logistics Company

“We loaded product in the wrong sequence, and the driver was very patient and helpful as we worked through the issue.” – Leading Window Manufacturer

Without happy, satisfied customers, we would not be in business. As our drivers and employees thrive, they, in turn, help our customers and partners to succeed. And that’s part of what it means to be purpose-driven – understanding that you are part of something bigger than just you. By serving your coworkers, direct reports, customers, or anyone, you empower them to turn and impact someone else.

How will you continue the cycle today?