Liberty Steel and Nussbaum have “forged” a great partnership. We’ve been doing business together for over 30 years. We’re blessed to work with Jeff Marlow, Ivan Montano, and Larry Scarcliff. They have been great partners.

Melting Metal at Liberty

Brent Wagenbach, Drew Martin, Tim Bradle, and Josh Strating visited Liberty Steel recently.

After donning safety shoes, safety glasses, ear protection, and hard hats, they were able to take a tour of the Liberty Steel operations. The outing started at a charging station where loads of scrap metal get melted down. Huge welding rods melt the metal down to a liquid state in a giant cauldron. Additives are mixed in (we sometimes haul these from PA to IL) until the proper metallurgy is reached.

The hot liquid metal then flows through channels where it cools and is cut into long steel bars called billets. The billets are the raw material in bulk form that can then be shipped to other Liberty customers or reheated, stretched, and pulled into, steel rods, wire, and more.

Shipping Liberty Steel Products

Last year, Nussbaum ventured into hauling flatbed loads, and Liberty Steel has been a key partner providing flatbed freight.

Brent Wagenbach mentions, “Our van and flatbed trucks haul steel billets, rods, fencing, and steel additives for Liberty Steel.”

Taking Care of Our Customer

Among steel, products, and transportation, another hot topic was the excellent service of Customer Account Coordinator Lisa Burton.

Brent W. states, “We heard many high praises for Lisa Burton. Lisa knows enough of the ins and outs of how Liberty Steel operates that when her main contact goes on vacation, ‘Just ask Lisa,’ is the message left for the person covering. There has been a level of trust built that’s mutual!”


It was great to see the hardworking folks and American manufacturing at work at Liberty Steel. We are grateful for their continued partnership of over 30 years.