In 2023, Nussbaum’s driver turnover was ~37% – a fraction of the industry norm.

Yes, we think our pay, home time, and bonus program are pretty stellar. Yes, driver care is a top priority. All the things.

But most importantly, we treat retention as more than just a workforce strategy. It is, in fact, key to delivering “The Nussbaum Experience” that our customers have come to expect. CAO Jeremy Stickling explains:

“Our best customer-service strategy is having people feel like they’re growing, they’re fulfilled, they’re tied into a purpose…”

…Because those people are settled and engaged. They’re focused on delivering the freight safely and on time, rather than constantly learning a new carrier’s system. They build trusted relationships with dispatch, safety, and maintenance, which expedites problem-solving. They’re accustomed to the procedures and preferences of the customers they visit.

They’re in for the long haul, as evidenced by our retention numbers.

…and by our drivers who continue to nominate and complete surveys that have landed Nussbaum in the Best Fleets to Drive For Hall of Fame, two years in a row.

…and by our customers who continue to trust our drivers with their freight. And consistently compliment their professionalism and service.

Inside & Out

To sum it up: the best way to cultivate relationships outside our walls is to cultivate relationships inside our walls. The positive impact on our people – fulfilling and purposeful careers – spreads outward to create fulfilling and purposeful relationships with our customers, partners, and everyone in between. This fulfills Nussbaum’s vision to create positive impact with every interaction.